Huh. Practice pays. Who’d have thunk?

Yesterday I was surprised to notice that I actually have learned things. Yes, I am still surprised. I had wanted to work on a (admittedly relatively easy) new piece, partly to practice sightreading, partly to increase my repertoire. I picked a Waltz (C Major) by Kabalevsky, I read through it, I played it slowly, I had a few attempts … and after half an hour I realised that I can play it. Slowly, but I can. It’s a page long, and I can play it. My flabber, it is still ghasted.

And so another lesson from my piano teacher finally sinks in: I really should work on easier pieces more often. I usually pick new pieces to challenge me, so for the main pieces the difficulty increases most of the time, which means that the time to learn a new piece stays roughly the same. It’s much harder to see the progress that way. It’s only when I pick up easier pieces that I suddenly realise how much faster I can pick them up now – I’m fairly sure that that waltz would have taken me weeks maybe a year ago – and now it’s down to hours! I’m really rather happy about this. 🙂


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