Benjamin Zander on classical music

This is a fantastic talk by conductor, music teacher, and pianist Benjamin Zander.

I know that my eyes are shining every time I talk about music! I was also quite pleased that I knew the piece he was playing. It’s beautiful.

Edit: I keep thinking about Zander’s comments on how the improvement of (piano) playing skills goes along with reducing the number of impulses when playing. If I understand it correctly, an impulse is an expression of emphasis, somewhere between the level of a note and a phrase. I think it means taking a step back from counting to see the bigger picture – the melody is still there, and the pulse is still there, but rather than emphasising the pulse with a steady ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three, the pulse fades into the background (but doesn’t disappear entirely) and becomes the supporting act rather than the main actor. Hm.


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